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Please remember that we are NOT mental health proffessionals. All content produced on this blog is by untrained people. All advice given here should be taken as opinions and with a grain of salt. For accurate and the best advice, talk to a medical profressional such as a psychiatrist, psychologist, therapist, or councillor. Thank you for your understanding!

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This is a blog dedicated to those that cut, pinch, bite, burn, bruise, and use other forms of self harm.

This is a safe area for people to vent, express themselves, and even get some advice from our team of lovely Admins. Most importantly, this is for all those that suffer from self harm to feel less alone, that others care, that others understand.

Anybody can submit a problem through either the Ask or Submit boxes. Please understand that we are not always on, if you are in crisis, please call a hotline, the police, your parents, etc.

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Anonymous asked:

i relapsed and now i feel like shit

Better learn from your relapse.

What triggered you, where did this trigger come from, what can you do the next time when you are triggered instead of sh?

We have a more detailed post on our faq, you maybe want to look there :)

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Anonymous asked:

I relapsed last night about a week after I told the girl I love that I wouldn't do it again. I feel like a horrible person and I want to cut more as a punishment, but then that would only make things worse. I don't know what to do.

This is the reason why you dont make promises when you are not 100% sure if you can keep them.

Its okay. Tell her and explain what happened. Explain the situations, and what triggered you and find out what you can do against it.

She might be a bit angry, but if she loves you, she will support and help you.


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Anonymous asked:

Whenever I seemto become happy or proud of myself for something I always feel down later? For example, I got an extremely high grade for an assignment this week which I'm so proud of myself for, but then I also feel like I shouldn't be happy for myself and I make myself unhappy and this just seems to be a constant cycle? I haven't been diagnosed with anything but do you think this could be a sign that's something is wrong? Idk I just want to be happy with myself and not feel unhappy afterwards?

We just answered a very similar post, it should be the newest still, you maybe want to get to the link devin reffered to there? :)

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Anonymous asked:

Hi. So, is it normal to always seek the bad out of every situation? Because I kinda feel like I make myself unhappy! Not on purpose. But if anything good or normal happens, I constantly see the worse. Or feel like something bad has to come from it! Is that just me, or is it something people suffering from depression get? I hate it, but for some reason I can't control or stop it!

Very common for people with mental disorders.

I suggest you start off reading this.

Anonymous asked:

Hey, I am currently receiving therapy sessions for anxiety and depression, but in one session after relapsing pretty hard my therapist said we need to forget about the relapse jump back on the band wagon and we need to get the ball rolling as we don't have long left.. Long left until the end of my treatment! Is it just me reading too much into it, or is she basically telling me we have a schedule of how long I have to get better? Because I don't feel the slightest bit better.. Help?

I think she misspoke or was trying to instil a sense of… urgency? Which, I think, would be pretty bad for somebody with an anxiety condition.

Next time you see her ask her to clarify what she meant. Or, if you have her email, then do that.

Also, if you have been seeing her for a while now (several months) and nothing is working, or if you just don’t “click” with her, then ask her for a referral to somebody else. No shame in asking for that at all, and she won’t feel offended either.

Remember that things take time. Recovery, therapy, all of it takes a while to get through, and there are going to be times when you seem like you are taking more steps back than forwards. When that happens, try to analyise your situation and see what’s going on. You HAVE to try and be honestly objective about it. Then once you suss out what is the most probable situation you are facing, you can work on what you are going to do. Discuss ALL your thoughts with those around you: therapist, family, friends, etc.

Oh, and if you’ve been doing therapy for a while, then perhaps you can ask your therapist for a referral to a psychiatrist to try a meds+therapy approach.

The key is to have open communication with everybody. Something off? Talk about it. Something working? Talk about it. Something not working? Talk about it. Something has you confused? Talk about it.


Anonymous asked:

I let people guilt me way too easily, and I feel like that's contributed to some of my sh problems... like even if people don't do things to make me feel guilty I feel guilty anyway and I'm such a people pleaser even though I wish I wasn't... advice?

It is natural to want the approval of others, and pleasing others for yourself is not a bad thing. However, maybe easing off the pressure you put on yourself is possible, by keeping in mind that a lot of the things we do are “favors” to other people that we do out of the kindness of our hearts. It’s a reality that some really do take advantage of others through guilt, but don’t let it get to you! If you’re being blamed for something that was out of your control and you don’t feel like confronting that person for being negative/guilt tripping —- walk away from the conversation and find something to keep your mind off the aggravation. 

When you feel guilty, stop! give it a nice, long, hard, think. Chances are, you’ll realize that either it really isn’t worth feeling guilty about, or that it’s a way better idea to check out our alternatives or immerse yourself in something de-stressing.


Anonymous asked:

Just wanted to say thank you for how much you guys have helped me! I have sent in quite a few asks and they were all given a serious and helpful answer, and I never thank you enough for putting in the effort or for just helping me out. So thank you guys so much and I hope you continue to do this for a long while yet!

awwww thank you so much! Hope you have a wonderful day :D


Anonymous asked:

i just relapsed. i was clean close to a year, and even a week ago i wouldn't have thought of relapse. i hadn't had urges for months, and then the last few days, all i wanted to do was cut. i'm worried that i'm not going to be able to get clean again and that i 'recovered' for the wrong reason (made a deal with myself about a concert, it's now in the past). i didn't think urges would come back after so long. i don't want to start over again and i'm not sure i'm strong enough to do it all again.

Your reason for recovering that time was actually a great idea hey!!! O:

You know, there are so many reasons that can be driven by self motivation (: How about you start a list? 

Truth be told, the urges may or may not go away completely forever but with each time you pick yourself back up, you fortify the strengths that made you last the last time. Think: what was it that let you fall into it again? 
I suggest checking out our help page for alternatives, and we have a checklist there too for people who just relapsed (so you can pinpoint why you lapsed etc).

Don’t view it as “starting over again”. if fact, you’re just persevering on! (: Don’t say you’re back on level 0 because you sure have done right things in the whole time you decided to stop SH. Would you trade in all your gains? It’s not over. it never will be. Remember me, remember all of us, who keep fighting with you every day!


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I'm 3 weeks clean today!! I'm so happy

WOHOOO!!! That’s AMAZING!!! Congratulations >:D<

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Does anyone own rats or snall animals?

I used to own a couple of ferrets. But the smallest animals I have right now are new born kittens.

Followers, how about you?


Anonymous asked:

Hey I started scratching myself again today, just with my nails nothing serious. It hurt at the start and I did it to feel something but now I just want to keep doing it. It feels right, is that bad? Sorry if I should have said 'trigger warning' at the start, I'm not sure how this works :/

You ask a support-blog if this is bad. You obviously know the answer yourself, and i hope you didnt expect a “nah no that aint serious at all we dont care.” Because it is serious, and yes it is bad. Hurting yoirself sucks. Hurting yourself is really really bad.
I started with scratches, too. Now i have a few deep scars. Back then, i never thought it would have been serious, but now it got worse.

You maybe want to read this:
& this:

Anonymous asked:

Im feeling like im going to relapse. I havent self harmed in over a year and i dont know why i feel this way right now how can i distract myself?

We have a huge list of distractions on our help page. Check it out there:)

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When you come out as trans, people sometimes take a while to adjust to your new pronouns, or don’t quite understand.

So we launched a new campaign to help! An article that introduces the topic, a video with a rundown from trans young people, and a web app where you can learn and practice pronouns!

Here’s our easy way to help your friends and family get your pronouns right and understand why it’s important.

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