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If you're in a crisis - please call a CRISIS HOTLINE

Please remember that we are NOT mental health proffessionals. All content produced on this blog is by untrained people. All advice given here should be taken as opinions and with a grain of salt. For accurate and the best advice, talk to a medical profressional such as a psychiatrist, psychologist, therapist, or councillor. Thank you for your understanding!

Before asking, please take a look at our FAQ and Help Page!

This blog carries a trigger warning. Proceed with caution.

PLEASE READ THE FAQ AND HELP PAGE BEFORE ASKING! . (For mobile users: just type in the URL into your browser and add /FAQ or /help)

Also, please do not say "sorry" for asking a question. We are here to answer what you have to say, do not apologise for doing a good thing for yourself. Thank you.

This is a blog dedicated to those that cut, pinch, bite, burn, bruise, and use other forms of self harm.

This is a safe area for people to vent, express themselves, and even get some advice from our team of lovely Admins. Most importantly, this is for all those that suffer from self harm to feel less alone, that others care, that others understand.

Anybody can submit a problem through either the Ask or Submit boxes. Please understand that we are not always on, if you are in crisis, please call a hotline, the police, your parents, etc.

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Anonymous asked:

Hi, it's okay if you don't know but I was just wondering what might happen if I went to get blood tests alone with visible cuts on my arms? My doctor knows I sh and so do my family and I am 18 years old. I'm just nervous about what might be said etc?

I dont know your doctor, i dont know how good your relationship is with him.

I could imagine that he would take a little look at them to make sure they are okay. But i cant tell you what he would say.


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Anonymous asked:

I go back to school in two days and im so scared to go back. I dont think i can make it another year having to deal with my attacker. Its been 2 & 1/2 years and it gets so bad at times. Transferring isnt an option. I do talk to a therapist but its not working to where I feel safe again.

Go to the police. Talk to your parents. Talk to the school director. Talk to a school counselor.

switch therapist if you dont feel like it’s helping enough.

Talk to everyone you can and say what happened with the attacker.


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Anonymous asked:

I'm almost seven months clean.

Letd have a party over that! You rock!

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Anonymous asked:

I need help. I've struggled with depression, self-harm, anxiety & suicidal thoughts 4-5 years now. I've only ever told one person (a teacher I'm very close with & still teaches at my school). Recently, I haven't been eating much. Partially because I'm a fat piece of shit & partially because I just physically don't feel like eating most of the time. Well that one teacher has noticed & is really worried about me apparently. I don't want her to worry about me & I don't know what to do. -L (cont.)

No. You are eating because your body needs nutritions. Not because you are a fat piece of shit. Food is fuel.

Isnt it actually good that your teacher cares about you? How about you try to get professional help over her. So you dont worry about making her worry, and you can actually get professional help.


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Anonymous asked:

Would you consider self harm and being suicidal a 'mental illness'? Or just things that you need help with?

Mental illness are actually always things you need help with.

But as far as i know, self harm and being suicidal is a symptom of a mental illness. So no. They are no specific illness themselves, but the sign of them.

If you suffer from one of them or both, please reach out for professional help.

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Anonymous asked:

I'm about 2 weeks away from being 6 months clean. I'll be happy to see the count up counter pass the number of days that the countdown counter has to one year. (Basically 182 daysish) Im scarred that I may relapse because I'm about to start grade 11 and I have so much going on! 2 ap classes and the stress of dealing with my attacker at my school this year. I keep joking around with my friends that I'll be happy if I can make it through the year. It's sorta a good thing that I have a therapist.

The thing that will keep you from being too much stressed, is being organized.
Let tumblr alone for a while and dont forget to study for your exams, etc. Make a plan on when and how much you are going to learn. Make lists on how you can learn the most effective.

And keep talking to your therapist about it! Thats awesome :)


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Anonymous asked:

I've been clean for a little over ten months, and today I broke. I couldn't do it anymore. And the worst part about it is a blacked out want when I realized what I was doing, I couldn't stop. I'm such a failure.

I dont see a failure in this ask.

I see a wonderful person who was so strong for over 10 months and had a lapse.
I see a strong Person who had a lapse, yes. But you can make it to over 10 months, again.
Collect all the energy, learn from this mistake, find out what triggered you and try again.

And please see a professional, since blackouts during such a phase can not only be dangerous, but also needs to be treated.


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Anonymous asked:

*anon who asked about not wanting to tell anyone about their sh is me* but I'm scared to tell people. Really scared.

Why are you afraid?

Believe it or not I've been clean for 9 months, purely because I spent all my time with people who care about me, from doing so well I'm finally in a relationship where I'm genuinely happy. Going for walks, drives, cuddled on the couch, whatever just being with my loved ones made me realise people do care, which makes it easier to talk about how I'm feeling :)

Aww, this is so great and I am VERY happy to hear this! :D Congrats and keep doing what you are doing, becuase it seems to be fantastic and working.

Anonymous asked:

What can I do if I don't want to tell anyone that I know IRL about my sh, but I also don't have any very close internet friends??

I really do suggest telling your parents at some point, but for now I suggest you try talking to a councillor or teacher at school. You don’t have to immediately talk about your self harm, but do try and confide in them.


Anonymous asked:

I need to start driving to get my hours in, but I'm so afraid that I'm going to get an anxiety attack on the road and be unable to drive correctly, do any of you get this and have ways to deal with it?

I’m usually a pretty relaxed driver, personally. The only reason I get anxious is becuase I don’t have DL and that is slightly illegal.

When  you think about going driving, and when you are actually driving, if you focus on “oh god oh god oh god what if I get a panic attack RIGHT HERE WHILE I AM DRIVING” and work yourself up over it… you will get a panic attack. It’s called a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Work on some cue controlled relaxations before hand. This helps train yourself to relax on command. Of course, it won’t be effective immediately, but over time it works better and better. 

And when you are actually driving, focus yourself on your surroundings. Take the center of your thoughts off what you are feeling, but more on what is happening around you. So take in all the details of the road, think about the laws, or even have idle conversation with the person sitting next to you. But maintain your primary focus on the road.

When you enter the car and sit down, before you turn it on or anything, just sit and focus on your breathing for a while. Force yourself to breath regularly and concentrate on that. If you’ve been practising the cue controlled relaxations, then put them into practice then.


Distract! Not destruct.


Hello dear followers,
the admins of selfharmer-problems decided to do something, that involves you guys!

We want YOU to send us photos or textes via submit or ask.

  • What exactly should you put in your message?

Send us things you did to distract yourself, instead of self harming. Show us over pictures what you made. Write us your poetry. Or what ever you have done instead of doing harm to yourself!

For example: you made the most delicious cake? Submit us a photo, and if you can, add the recipe!

Of course keep an eye on your post to make sure there is nothing triggering like calories, weight-numbers, numbers of cuts or scars, etc.

It does NOT matter if you are anon or not.if you submit something and want to be on anon, just logg out and type in a name and a email (i dont think the email is important, so any trash-mail should work also)

  • What will we do with it?

If you take a look at this, you will see that we made an own tag for the “distract! Not destruct”-page. Yeah you only see this post right now, but we hope this will change as soon as possible when YOU guys show us what have you done to distract yourself!

  • Whats the thing with all this?

We want to give other followers inspiration of what they can do instead of self harming. With a simple click, they will be able to see what others have done instead of (re)lapsing or simply self harming. Of course we are also interested in your methodes of alternatives!

So. be inspiring!
Distract! Not destruct.

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Anonymous asked:

i'm the person who told about my fuck buddy and compared him to cutting. i just wanted to thank you for your advice. i screenshotted it and whenever i feel bad because of him, i look at your response and feel better so... thank you

Oh my! :D I am SOOO happy that my advice helped you :3

Anonymous asked:

11 days clean and counting keepin my head held high and staying as positive as possible

Wooooot! :D

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