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This is a blog dedicated to those that cut, pinch, bite, burn, bruise, and use other forms of self harm.

This is a safe area for people to vent, express themselves, and even get some advice from our team of lovely Admins. Most importantly, this is for all those that suffer from self harm to feel less alone, that others care, that others understand.

Anybody can submit a problem through either the Ask or Submit boxes. Please understand that we are not always on, if you are in crisis, please call a hotline, the police, your parents, etc.

Don’t send us requests to check out your blog. :l

Just don’t.

I have social anxiety and I also struggle with depression/self harm. I really want to try and ask my mom about therapy but I'm too scared to go because of my anxiety. What should I do? Also, do you know what happens when you call a suicide hotline?

You very much should try to talk to your mom. Our FAQ has a guide on talking to parents about mental illness and self harm.

And they pretty much just talk to you really. I’ve never called one personally as I do not have a phone, but mostly they just talk to you and will give you information on local mental health resources and will even call the police/ambulance if you ask them too


Am I a little late on the happy stories..? But mine is when I met one of my favourite actors and when he signed my photo with him he said "That's actually a really nice photo" and oh my god haha! It makes me so happy to think about it 😊

Aww, that’s really cute!

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I just got to celebrate one year clean in Disney World with my best friend who has helped me this whole time. (:

That’s so fricken cool! :D And sounds like a TONNE of fun :D

I don't have a happy story. I just decided to send a message and say thank you for this blog. it helps me a lot. and whoever you are, you're awesome and lovely. good luck with life :)

You don’t need to have a really amazing or happy story to be making progress or have something to celebrate. Often time it’s hard and slow and painful, but all that matters is that you are working on it. Earnestly working. I’d say the best and happiest stories are the ones that we get that involve somebody really down but still striving to get better despite their struggles. Seeing people trying their hardest and seeing people hang on makes me love humanity and our endurance. It makes me proud of people whom just want to end it yet they don’t, who want to end it yet are still trying and striving. People are just fucking amazing and I admire all of you guys. I don’t know y’all, but I really am proud of you even if you think there is nothing about yourself to find pride in. There always is. 

But thank you! All of us admins are really really really happy that we’ve been able to make positive impacts on you and other’s that come to us with questions or even just for solidarities sake.

i love fifth harmony so so so much, they're my inspiration and they make me so happy! i finally got to meet them two days ago and they were so sweet! lauren told me i'm pretty, ally told me i'm her sunshine and when i was leaving they all told me they love me! i'm super happy

That sounds awesome :) you rock!

More happy stories ? ♥

Just wanted to say you that you are really a nice person. You really help people. And I'm just feeling alone. I do not have a good english but I think you'll inderstand how I feel. Alone. And I can't controlmyself.

Oh honey. Thank you for your lovely message, thats very nice from you!

But why do you feel alone. And what exactly cant you control?

Share a happy story with us!

The inbox is so empty :(

I'm 10 months and 3 days clean and u guys have helped me through this <3

Oh wow! :D You are doing fantastic! :D keep up the amazingness. :3

So my grandfather passed away a couple of days ago, and he'd been sick/dying for the last two weeks. My mom was the one who did the most taking care of him and as a result has been extremely sleep deprived. I know that this must be really difficult for her, but I personally am not grieving and I have absolutely to capacity to empathize/sympathize for her. Being around her and the rest if my family the past few days has made it really obvious how emotionally stunted I am and I don't know

For some people, death simply doesn’t affect them as much as with others. For me, the only mildly upsetting thing about the deaths in my life is seeing the people around me grieving, not the fact somebody is dead.

But, just becuase you can’t empathise with your mother that doesn’t mean you can’t show her support. Do something for her, even if it’s just a hug when it looks like she needs it. Do some things around the house such as the dishes or cook dinner so doesn’t have to worry about chores and can have time to grieve for the loss of her father. Buy her a little gift or keepsake or perhaps something that you know will be a nice little memento. 

You don’t NEED to be affected by an event to do something to help those that are deeply affected by it.

And of course, I must add that if you feel this lack of emotion and emotional reactivity is an issue, then you should see a psychologist about it.


hiya i just followed and stalked your guys blog and i love it! i love it how you 4 are helping and inspiring so many people! if you 4 werent here i dont think people would be where they are today thanks for staying lovelys :D

Aw, thank you :)

I think this girl has been trying to take all my friends away but I also suspect I might have paranoia so I don't know of it's true or not

What girl? What happened? Is there a first part?

I'm having problems with my therapist and my mom. Whenever we go, we talk about my cutting and stuff, but my mom doesn't think it's really bad, even though I've told her. And, my therapist thinks that my depression is just a 'phase', something caused by ADHD (I had it as a young child, but grew out if it). How do I get them to see that this isn't just a phase and that I actually need/want real help?

I wouls really suggest you then to see a different therapist. If you dont feel well with them, search for another one who makes you feel like they understand you. And with that, your new therapist can talk to your mum.


What do you do to see if you have depression or any type of mental illness? Like what kind of tests?

The only way you can get diagnosed is by seeing a licensed doctor or psychologist.

By your own research and findings you can have a vague estimate of what you probably have, but the only way to know for sure is to see a licensed medical/mental health professional.